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Callis Trace – Process Assessments made EASY!


Make Process Assessments Fun!

Trace is a database-driven solution for planning and executing process assessments; and reporting the results. Trace is equally suited for both full assessments (e.g. VDA-scope, multiple instances, many assessors), and spot-checks, e.g. looking at just a few processes in a single instance/project.

Trace provides an efficient and structured approach for assessment of processes with the purpose of understanding the current state against a Process Assessment Model (PAM), determining capability levels, identifying improvement opportunities, and reporting the results. Furthermore, metrics are calculated across assessments to identify cross-organizational weaknesses and improve these.

Trace has the following features:

  • Process Assessment Models (PAM) and Rating Guidelines
    • Import / export of PAM’s and Rating Guidelines
    • PAMs & Guidelines freely available, including:
      • ASPICE 3.1 & VDA Guidelines (Blue/Gold book)
      • ASPICE 2.5
      • Mechanical SPICE v1.4
      • NIST CSF v.1.1 – (Cybersecurity Framework)
    • New PAMs related to ASPICE (e.g. Hardware SPICE when this is available) will be made available free of charge for the Customer if this is allowed legally
    • Customized PAMs representing e.g. your organizational processes can be defined.
  • Plan assessment, including
    • Assessment scope by selecting processes with target capability levels, and Instances
    • Setup guidelines for application in specific areas (Chapter 2.2 in VDA Automotive Guidelines)
    • Assessment participants, including Lead Assessor, Assessors, and Interview Groups
    • Use of Workspaces to support the cooperation and consolidation between multiple assessors
    • Copy existing assessment
  • Organize Evidence, Interview, and Generate Records
    • Two alternative views are supported, List view and Grid view (The Grid is Excel-like table-view)
    • Register and organize Evidence with relevant data – prior to or during assessment
    • Create Records (Strength, Weakness, Recommendation, Observation, Comment, and Questions) referring to zero-to-many Evidence and one-to-many PAM practices.
    • Note taking mechanism supporting copy-paste to Records (to support fast registration of unstructured interview answers)
    • PAM is available in model browser including searchable Work Product characteristics
    • All relevant functions available as keyboard shortcuts for quick maneuvering
    • Analyze Evidence references in Records to get an overview of the usage of a specific Evidence
    • Monitor coverage against processes as the assessment is prepared for and progresses
  • Consolidate Records, Characterize Processes and Determine Capability levels
    • Consolidate Records into a single, dedicated reporting workspace
    • Rating of Practices, Process Attributes, and automatic calculation of Capability Level(s)
    • Generating of various images/graphics for both Web, Word, and PPT
  • Check VDA Automotive SPICE Guidelines (with help from Trace Assessor Assistant)
    • All Guidelines are available in Trace, including both Rules and Recommendations
    • All Guidelines are linked to the relevant BPs and PAs and have “embedded visualization” of the rating of referred BPs and PAs
    • More than 90% of all Guidelines have Trace Assessor Assistant configured to support evaluation (into Met/Broken/Manual) and rating warnings (broken rules/recommendations)
    • Broken Rules/Recommendations can be registered and commented
  • Report results – automatically generated
    • All data from assessment is available for reporting, including generated graphics
    • Several standard-reports is setup in Trace initially, including
      • Detailed Assessment Report (MS Word) – with all details, tables, graphics etc.
      • Management Overview Presentation (MS PPT) – Intro slides + one slide per process
      • Improvement Plan (Excel) – with all weaknesses and recommendations.
    • MS Word and MS PowerPoint can be used to configure Customer specific reporting templates, e.g. for final findings presentation or management briefing
    • Records and metrics can be extracted into MS Excel
  • ISO 33000 / ISO 15504 compliant process assessment methodology including
    • Configurable rating scale (e.g. F/L/P/N or F/L+/L-/P+/P-/N)
  • Deployment
    • Central server hosted on-site/in cloud by Customer or by Sharpen360/Callis
    • Capable of running as off-line laptop application to perform assessments where there is no stable access to the Internet
    • Assessment can be imported back from laptops to the central server

Please have a look at Trace for a more effective, efficient, and fun assessment experience!

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