Callis Guide

Callis Guide

Establish and Maintain consistent and accessible process descriptions!

Callis GUIDE Overview

Callis Guide is a web-based process management solution for easy definition, communication, and maintenance of process descriptions and process assets for e.g. quality systems, business manuals, process handbooks etc.

Callis Guide encourages and supports collaboration between process owners, process writers and users, while helping build a consistent process highly accessible by multiple, automatically generated process views, tables, and illustrations.

Process authoring is done efficiently using predefined description elements and reports to quickly show process architecture, integrity, and statistics. Authoring is supported by drag-n-drop, view-as-you-go, and a nice web-based user interface.

Callis Guide is independent of specific standards, quality frameworks and methodologies, but can be used to efficiently manage and document compliance when working in a multi-model, multi-standards environment. The structure of various quality frameworks and standards are known by Callis Guide and together with functionality to integrate organizational-specific requirements, Callis Guide provides an efficient way of managing your quality and control objectives.

Does your Quality System feels like this?


Users’ view

How Should I do …?

What are My Responsibilities?

How is … Supposed to be Done?

Some People Like Paper Copies...

The system is completely web-based, but sometimes it is nice to have a printable document with your favorite process description. Therefore, Callis Guide is capable of generating nice looking process description PDF-files.

And of course, the PDF-files includes the generated images, overview tables, and the description itself together with a nice index, and everything is consistent and clickable.

How are Work Products Used across Disciplines?

What should be Ready When?

Establish and maintain consistent and accessible process descriptions!

Authors’ view

Model Your Business Processes

With Callis Guide you can model and document business processes for your specific domain, whether it is Medico, Banking, Automotive, or Defence.

Our customers are modelling process not only covering project management and product development, but also the parts of their businesses addressing e.g. sales, management, acquisition, and operations.

Using Callis Guide one consistent and accessible process model is achievable.

Ready, Set, Go!

Callis Guide comes ready-to-use. The configuration of the tool, the documentation, and the examples are consistent and tuned to make starting up easy.

The setup includes a fit-for-purpose meta-model configuration including e.g. RASIC relations between roles and tasks, Discipline structure, EITVOX structure of tasks etc.

Also, example content including all common modelling patterns is included. This eases the learning curve and prevents most “beginner´s errors.

Ensure Consistency and Integrity

As you model your processes, consistency and integrity across all process elements and text can be checked with a click.

Also, when deleting an element, Callis Guide automatically warns about expected “dangling references”, even in free text blocks. This motivates constructive “authoring behaviour” creating high quality process descriptions with no “loose ends”.

Drag’n’drop Modelling

Modeling is easy, intuitive, and web based. When a element is saved, the system rebuilds all affected overviews and components, and the result can be browsed immediately.

Create Specialized Illustrations!

Use the Callis Guide MS Visio AddIn to link and upload Visio drawings directly into Callis Guide. This is useful when you would like to supplement the automatically generated process illustrations.

Manage Process Compliance

Callis Guide helps maintaining mappings between your process set(s) and various standards and models e.g. CMMI, Automotive SPICE, ISO 33000 process models, ISO 9001, ISO 26262, FDA requirements, COBIT or even your own organizational requirements sets.

Cross references can be displayed in the system, exported into excel, or generate a dedicated output for CMMI Appraisals (PIID Templates)Standards and models are easily created using our dedicated add-in for Excel.