Callis Author and Callis Performer help organizations to effectively model, document, communicate and institutionalize business processes.

For process users the modern, rich and easy-to-understand user interface is optimized to make the processes easy to locate and use.
For process writers the cost of establishing and maintaining business process descriptions are dramatically reduced by the use of standard description elements, no format or layout discussions, run-time generated process overview, process integrity checks, symbolic references to description elements, generated printable process manual (PDF) and compliance mappings. Find out more here…

Callis Reviewer is a complete of-the-shelf solution supporting peer reviews in your organization including planning, use of checklists, data collection, document approval, generation of review reports and indicators.

Callis Reviewer will not miraculously remove all defects, but is an efficient, comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that will encourage employees to perform peer reviews and collect the benefits – reducing barriers to communication between roles in the organization, achieving higher quality of your products and minimizing total cost of product development. Find out more here…

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